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The mission of United People Power is to educate individuals and empower families towards excellent health and financial freedom. Together, will continue to build our marketing fortress, by enthusiastically sharing our product and business experiences. This will encourage and help others to take control of their own health and destiny. We vow to uphold our 12 core values:
  • Excellent service
  • Always doing the "right" thing
  • Thoughtfulness and respect for all
  • Truth and honor for all
  • Loyalty and security for all
  • Strong training and support systems
  • Strong relationship building
  • Recognize and reward leadership
  • Faith in oneself
  • Faith in others
  • Faith in life
  • Generously giving back

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It's Time To Take Back Your Power!
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Can we conduct "Serious Business" and "Have a Blast" doing it?
You bet your Green Cowboy Boots, We Can!

A Gigantic Dose of faith, love, joy, and hope is added, for a world that desperately needs it.
Come One, Come All! - Hawaiians, New Yorkers, Californians, Michiganders, Texans, Teachers, Nurses, Military, Athletes, Truckers, Carpenters, Engineers, the Butchers, Bakers and Candlestick Makers! (Jamaica, England, Australia, Switzerland, Italy and more!)

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Can improve our health and live long and productive lives by using Essanté Organics life-changing products
Can inspire others and ask them to decrease the pollution load on their bodies and planet by using green products
Can share our results and stories to educate others about the healing power of organic plants
Can change future generations by decreasing toxins that can directly cause cellular mutations
Can educate people about decreasing the risks of cancer, diabetis, autism, and more
Can impact the poor mental health of a society that's laden in toxic products - toxic media - toxic messages
Can help an over-burdened medical system, by simply taking charge of own health
Can show others that the power of the Essanté Organics pay plan is crucial for collective success
Can tell people about United People Power via the 450+ websites with no rejection factors
Can join forces to boost a weak and failing world-wide economic crisis
Can teach others that their purchasing muscle is a vehicle for financial independence
Can encourage people to go green, be healthy and make money at the same time
Can assist others in omitting stress, hopelessness, and depression by giving them a life purpose
Can empower others to walk away from dead end jobs and enjoy the benefits of time freedom

Thank you for taking time to learn all about us!